How Can You Construct a Backyard Retaining Wall?


A backyard retaining wall plays a crucial role in maintaining the beauty and the stability of the slope, and many homeowners build these structures in their lands to protect them from water erosion. People should build these walls to protect the soil from landslides, which are major phenomena in many countries. Retaining wall not only increases the beauty of the landscape but also it conserves the land in a unique way. Some people want to build it in their backyards for decorating the garden, but they don’t realize what to do and how to build one for their yard. Here, we will discuss everything step by step to make the construction easier for you.

Things or equipment needed for building the wall

There are only a few things needed to build a backyard retaining wall

  • Shovel – for digging the ground
  • Geotextile – to provide stability
  • Hand tamper – to compact the ground
  • 2- or 4-feet level – to measure the level of the land
  • Blocks – for constructing the wall
  • Perforated pipes – to enhance drainage
  • Cement – to fill the gaps
  • Construction adhesive – to gold hold the blocks firmly

Steps to build the backyard retaining wall

To start constructing the wall, you should remember that it can be done across the land, but in that case, you may need to spend a little more. Follow these steps for building the wall –

1. Excavate the ground

In the beginning, the builder needs to calculate the height and width of the wall for designing purposes. To do this, he must remember that the base reinforces the entire structure and provides stability to the wall. The base should be 0.7 times wider than the height of the wall. Excavate the land and make a trench across the land where you want to construct the wall.

2. Compact the land

After excavation, it is time to compact the ground using the hand tamper. Compacting the land will ensure that the soil has greater strength and more bearing capacity. After compacting, use the 2- or 4-feet level measuring tools to determine whether it is leveled or not. If it is still not level, compact more to make it level.

3. Use the geotextile, sand, and gravel and compact again.

After compacting the land, place the geotextile and pour the gravel and coarse sand particles on it. After placing them, compact them once again to ensure that they are well distributed and compacted. Measure the level once again to ensure that the land doesn’t have any slopes.

4. Place the blocks one by one.

Now start placing the blocks horizontally, and after placing four of them, use the level to check the level. Remember that this is the base of your structure; therefore, to ensure a strong base, you have to keep the bottom stronger. Besides, the base will also determine the upper layers. Place the perforated pipes and use cement to fill the gaps. After this, use the construction adhesive on the blocks to construct the second layer of the wall. Repeat the process and check the level of the wall.

These are the simplest ways to make a retaining wall for home improvement, and anybody can try these steps to build one in their backyards.


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How Can You Construct a Backyard Retaining Wall?

A backyard retaining wall plays a crucial role in maintaining the beauty and the stability of the slope, and many homeowners build these structures...

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